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We've created this sectioned off map of Pine Ridge Cemetery to approximate what 2 people could mow in 1 hour, however we know people mow at different rates and there are many obsticles at the cemetery. It's a little different than mowing a normal lawn. If you are interested in doing some mowing or trimming this summer, we encourage you to contact us (e-mail or Facebook) and we will set up a time to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. We have volunteers ready to work with you. We have 3 push mowers, so groups of 2 or 3 are encouraged to work together. All fuel is provided and all we ask you dress to mow lawn and bring your enthusiasm. 

(This map can be downloaded in PDF format from the documents page)

Historic Pine Ridge Cemetery is located on the corner of Ridge Road (Columbus) and Tuscola Road (M-15) in the Southeast corner. The access drive is east off of Tuscola just south of Ridge road. 

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